Horses and Trail Riders don’t mix….  Do they?

It may appear that motorcycles and horses don’t naturally mix, but equestrians and trail riders actually have a lot in common!!

Equestrians and trail riders both enjoy riding their chosen steeds in the countryside and with a little common sense and mutual respect they do so harmoniously.

Trail riders and horse riders are both vulnerable road user groups and the TRF encourage all our members to show horses and their riders the courtesy and consideration that they would expect in return.

Our Code of Conduct, by which all members agree to adhere to, provides guidance on how to behave whilst trail riding. We often encounter horses and special consideration is given to this within our guidelines.

Cambridgeshire TRF actively participate in a number of equestrian events throughout the year mostly during the spring and summer and we publish those events we support on our ‘Events’ page and Facebook site.

Not only are these events great for building relationships between different countryside users and improving our off-road riding skills, but they also provide a valuable source of income for the group.

At a typical equestrian eventing competition, the TRF’s role is to support the organisers in the smooth running of the event. This usually involves riding our bikes around a cross country course, stopping at each jump and collecting a ticket from the jump marshall which is then dropped off at the event office for scoring.

We are always keen for members to get involved, so if you are interested in finding out more go to our ‘Contact Us’ page and our Equestrian Co-ordinator.

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