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Cambridgeshire TRF Group has 120+ members and are a friendly and diverse group drawn from across the region with a shared passion for encouraging safe and responsible trail riding.

Cambridgeshire and the surrounding counties offer an extensive and accessible network of byways for us to explore. We organise regular local ride-outs and events, which cater for all tastes and abilities: it really doesn’t matter if you are a complete newcomer or a seasoned ‘old hand’, our aim is to offer something for everyone.

We are especially keen to encourage the involvement of new trail riders, regardless of age, sex or ability, and many of our rides are especially suitable for beginners.

Many of our members compete off-road and are knowledgeable and experienced ride leaders, and so there is always someone on hand to help or provide advice and no-one ever needs to worry about getting left behind on the trail!

As well as our group meeting and ride-outs, we ride further afield and arrange seasonal activities and events – we are especially active in supporting local equestrian events which provide a great opportunity to positively promote the role of the TRF and its members within the wider community. And, of course, we support national TRF campaigns too.

This website explains what our group does and how you can get involved as well describing where we ride, what bikes we ride and the gear and kit we use. We also host a Facebook page to share group news and communicate updates.

Cambs Group develops key objectives on an annual basis to guide the growth of the group: the current set of objectives can be found here

You can learn more about the TRF, and access a wealth of useful resources, on the TRF website here.

We have also provided links to some of our favourite external web sources here.

Thanks again for visiting the site and we look forward to welcoming you soon!

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Nationally, the TRF has thousands of members, from those that picked up a trail bike in the 1960’s right through to newbies who passed their test yesterday. Each and every member has something to offer as well as something to learn from this welcoming and passionate community.

Whilst the Green Road network spans 6,000 miles across every county in England and Wales, finding and planning routes is a hard earned task. TRF members have spent decades marking up OS maps, referring to the Definitive Map and liaising with councils about temporary or permanent closures.

Most of us can remember the first time we ventured out on a trail bike. Perhaps you were lucky enough to be born and raised on two wheels, but for the rest of us it is more likely that the trails were a way of rediscovering motorcycling, a new way of riding away from the high speed thrills of the open road. Until you own a trail bike, the idea of your pride and joy being anything other than upright is disastrous, yet for most newbies this is exactly what lies ahead.

Trail riding, motocross, kids on illegal bikes. To the untrained eye they all look the same and unfortunately, as with so much media these days, the actions of a few can tarnish the many. The TRF upholds a positive code of conduct and riders choose to be members because they pride themselves in being responsible and professional users of the countryside.

The laws surrounding where you can and can’t ride are in some circumstances not understood in their entirety by those responsible for enforcing them. If a TRF member is riding within the law and is unfortunate enough to be challenged by prosecution, the TRF will support their defence. As you would imagine, the full extent of this will be determined on a case by case basis.

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