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The TRF exists to conserve Green Roads in England and Wales for the benefit of everyone and to promote the safe, lawful and sustainable use of the Green Road network in accordance with the TRF Code of Conduct and the Countryside Code.

Cambridgeshire TRF is one of more than 40 regional groups representing and supporting 5,000+ passionate TRF members.

We are an active and welcoming group of trail riders enjoying and preserving the Green Roads of Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas.

This site explains what our group does, where we ride and how you can get involved.

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Ride outs


TRF Cambridgeshire organises regular ride outs which cater for riders of all ages and abilities, offering everything from shorter local routes suitable for beginners to full day events for the more technically experienced.

  • Trail Riding in England and Wales is immensely rewarding
  • It can be enjoyed in sunshine, wind, rain and snow

The TRF exists to Conserve Green Roads in England and Wales and this  is something that our 5,000 members are passionate about and believe that every single trail rider can play their part in this every time they are out on their bike.

  • Active in repairing green roads in partnership with authorities
  • Positive attitudes, behaviours and actions are essential to what we do

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